Canada’s Best Distillate Vape Pens, FSE Pens & THC E-Juice!

Astro Vapes is a THC & CBD Vape Pen brand founded in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to create Canada’s cleanest Vape System & THC Vape Juices.

Astro Distillate Vape Pens are made from pure THC and/or CBD Distillate combined with natural terpenes.

The Vape Shop also offers Shatter Vape Pen Pods which is made of clean BHO and liquid. In addition, we offer a limited supply of FSE Vape Pen Pods as it is our most high-end line and is made of pure full spectrum extracts.

Our company pride ourselves in having the highest potency Shatter Pens, Distillate Pens, CBD & FSE Vapes available in Canada. We are also developing a THC E-juice for users who want a less potent product they can use more frequently.

Why Astro Vapes?

At Astro Vapes, we have some of the strongest THC Distillate Vape Pens in Canada. We created a refined product which is a blend of pure 90% + distillate & terps. 
We also offer Shatter & FSE Vape Pen Kit & Pods. Our FSE Vape pods are made from full spectrum extract that contains full-bodied cannabinoids & terpenes profiles originally from the plant. You will experience the pure taste of the plant & will get hit with a seriously potent vapour.
Our extracts are all produced in our in-house lab with precision and care to provide users with a clean product. 
Our pods allow you to have 250+ puffs on the fly with discretion and ease. All of our vape pods contain 1 gram of pure THC or CBD extracts. 
Astro Vapes are perfect for relaxing, pain relief, sleep or simply to get high!

THC Vape Pen Kit Includes:

THC Vape Cartridge: 1 Gram Pod, Ceramic Coating (better flavour, no plastic taste)

Battery: 350 mAh battery, push button to control the 3 different vape modes,  heat liquid or draw vapour.

Charger: USB charger



These guys have over 20+ flavours and use the best distillate. Stoked to work my way thru all the flavours!

Garrett G. customer

Discreet shipping, great customer service & awesome vapes! These guys are the real deal and their pricing is on point.

GTDave710 customer

Got my order in 2 days, ordered strawberry mojito kit and tastes fabulous. Love how long the battery lasts and if you drop it doesn't smash to pieces like other vapes I've tried.

Sarah420 customer

Love that the vape kit work with my Juul Pods!!

travis G.


Astro Vape System


Select your favourite Tropical Distillate Vape Pen Pod and get Astro Faded.

Our Tropical THC Pods are packed with 1,000mgs of distillate with added flavour terpenes making a perfect blend of THC Vape Juice.


Select your favourite Strain Distillate Vape Pen Pod and get Astro Faded.

Our Strain-based THC Pods are loaded with 1,000mgs of distillate with added flavour terpenes. Our Pods are filled with a perfect blend of THC Vape Juice refined to taste like your favourite strain!