About Astro Vapes

Astro Vapes was founded in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, where nature and technology live in harmony. Our goal is to develop cutting edge cannabis products which allow users to use THC & CBD products efficiently and discreetly.

Customer Service Email & Hours
Email: Sales@astrovapes.ca
Monday-Saturday 9am–6pm PST
Sunday 12pm–5pm PST

“Our products allow users to inhale smooth delicious vapor without hurting their lungs & allowing them to stay active”

Astro Vapes are meant for athletes, professionals & people seeking a clean alternative to smoking. Enjoy the effects of cannabis without harmful irritants damaging your lungs. Inhaling thick smoke can cause lung irritation, shortness of breath, and leave strong odours on your clothes causing others to notice your usage. Astro Vapes solves all these problems through the use of clean THC distillate mixed with terpenes to provide a delicious flavorful experience resulting in a long lasting high.