Best Canadian Distillate Pen of 2019

Astro Vapes has the Best Distillate Pen in Canada. Read the 6 Reasons Why.

Best Canadian Distillate Pen of 2019

1. We use high grade distillate, shatter, FSE & CBD in our pen

We are proud to provide customers with high-quality products as we source our products from BC’s Best Extract artists in Vancouver. Our pens contain exquisite terpenes with delicious flavour that makes us unique from other Canadian vape companies.

2. Our Sleek and Durable Design

Bring Astro Vapes anywhere and everywhere with its portable and durable qualities. Our micro USB charger which is included in our kits, allow you to get #astrofaded at any time of day! So whether you’re on the go, relaxing at home, or exploring in nature, bring Astro Vapes to your next adventure.

3. Astro Vapes Uses Advanced Heat Control

We aim to cater to all our customer’s vaping preferences. This is why we designed our Astro batteries with varying voltage heat control. By doing so, our users are able to choose from low, medium, or high temperature setting. The low temperature suit those who prefer a flavour-rich session. The medium temperature creates a balance of flavour and big tokes. Lastly, the high temperature results in massive tokes with a lower emphasis on flavour. So choose your preference and get #astrofaded.

4. Our Vape Pods Contain 1,000 mg of High Potency Goodness

We created our Astro Vapes with 1,000 mgs of distillate and terpenes, resulting in an intensely flavourful experience for our customers. In addition, our strong distillate will get you #astrofaded in 250 puffs.

5. Versatile Battery

Unlike Juul or other pod systems, our Astro Vapes work with any micro USB charger. Also, there is no need to stop enjoying Astro Vapes while it’s charging. Just plug it into a portable charger and continue your sesh!

6. Astro Vapes is a Healthy Alternative to Smoking

Our Astro Vapes are made with ceramic coils and lab-tested metals to ensure that there is zero leakage into the distillate. In addition to safety, our ceramic coils create a smooth vaping experience.z

THC Distillate Vape Pen Kit

Astro Vapes THC Distillate Vape Pen Kit includes:

1. Your choice of disposable THC Distillate Pod (1gram/1ml)

2. Rechargeable Vape Battery with 3 different heat modes (see instructions in tutorials)

3. USB Charger

4. Instructions manual



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