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THC E Juice Canada

THC E Juice Canada

In Canada cannabis was legalized in 2018 due to popular demand! Many Canadians like to consume cannabis in the form of joints or in the form of products such as THC E-Juice. You can either make THC E-juice at home or you can buy it from companies such as Astro Vapes. This company provides customers with THC E-juice in the form of THC Pods. These THC Pods are then used with a sleek portable vape battery, allowing users to consume it on the fly.

The advantage of buying THC E-juice in THC Pods is that you can easily carry multiple flavours on you. The pods are very small and can easily fit in your pocket. Another advantage is that you can buy them in over 24+ Flavors at our shop Here!

One of the many benefits of vaping is you also get to experience a clean odourless vapour. This allows you to dose THC very discreetly and continues your day in privacy!

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